101+ Encouragement Phrases

101+ Encouragement Phrases is an online video training and a list of more than 100 examples of how to use encouragement in your home with your kids. When you learn to encourage your kids rather than praise, you build their self-confidence, self-esteem, and their self-worth.


How to Make and Use a Feelings Chart

How to Make and Use a Feelings Chart is an online training video with all the print-outs you need to teach your child how to develop an emotional vocabulary. This reduces tantrums, meltdowns, and behavior struggles because they can communicate with you better.


Device Detox

Device Detox - A Parent’s Guide to Reducing Device Usage, Preventing Tantrums, and Raising Happier Kids,” is an online training series with practice worksheets and examples. One of the leading causes of behavior struggles and high levels of anxiety right now is screen addiction and device overuse.

4 Pillars of Play Therapy

The 4 Pillars of Play Therapy

The 4 Pillars of Play Therapy are the foundational skills for interacting with children in a more effective, kinder way. Those skills are: Reflecting Feelings, Choice Giving, Limit Setting, and Encouragement. This course teaches you how play therapists interact with kids in a way that leads to self-regulation in their behavior.


Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

The CORE CURRICULUM for the In-Home Play Therapy Program. A 10-Session Filial Therapy Model for Training Parents to Conduct Play Therapy Sessions with their Children


Birth Order Workshop

This workshop will look at the personalities developed based on birth order, and how birth order affects friendships, marriages, and parenting.


The 5 Love Languages Workshop

The Five Love Languages Workshop gives you the ability to understand your unique needs regarding love - how you show it, how you receive it, and how to relate better to everyone in your life.